About Us

BPNTHE BLACK PROFESSIONALS NEWS  is a dynamic information, education, and entertainment resource for African American professionals in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area. Since 1999, THE BLACK PROFESSIONALS NEWS has provided essential business, cultural and lifestyle information as well as entertainment to professionals, small business owners, executives, entrepreneurs, and decision makers.

THE BLACK PROFESSIONALS NEWS extends it’s reach to black professionals and their families through our three important channels: Publishing, Electronic Media and Events.  The Black Professionals News and BPN TV embraces technology and leverages it to proliferate information, education and entertainment.

THE BLACK PROFESSIONALS NEWS is a division of the EARLHARVEY Media Group with the following mission: We provide information, we educate, we empower and we entertain our audience with content which helps to enrich, increase awareness and stimulate our audience to continue to thrive for excellence in achievements and personal growth  in families and the larger communities.

Earl Harvey, Publisher  

“There is a certain drive that goes with being the first of anything. It does create the driven personality that I have to be the first, to be number one, to be on top, to be the best. There are a whole lot of forces that have shaped my personality over the years. I’m sure that being born on the first has had a significant impact on me”, says Harvey.

Oscar Payne, BPN TV Producer/Editor

In a conversation with other media content providers Payne said, “I believe that as human beings we can never be perfect, notwithstanding we can achieve excellence.  Excellence starts with the attention to detail, moreover it is this attention to detail which gives birth to a superior performance bringing about promotion in our lives and causes others to respect us.  This is what we strive for.  This is what we do.”